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We are a technology company specializing in the building of comprehensive eCommerce platforms. 

The e-social social platforms we work on are disrupting the world of monetized content delivery and changing people's lives by pursuing their passions. 


Video and Digital Asset Management

Holistic platform solution designed to create long-lasting digital experiences and build community via video upload, secure and reliable online storage, video transcoding for optimized and secure VoD experience, content protection (DRM, Digital signature), offline player service, and more.

Live Streaming

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to provide a multitude of live streaming capabilities for content creators to choose from and interact with their audiences in real-time including traditional one-way broadcasting, 1-on-1 communication, and video meetings.


Social Networking & Messaging

Our social platform and messaging application is a key part of an effective social strategy to reach, interact and boost customer attention, improve digital ROI, and engage with audiences.

Complete e-Commerce Platform

Building an online business by means of our robust platform and unique suite of integrations, which includes user verification, content purchasing and delivery, subscription services, and secure, fraud-protected payment solutions for a global audience.


Search & Recommendation Engine

Going beyond the demand for identifying relevant content that users are most interested in, to leverage Machine Learning for the creation of an Ethical Ecosystem. Content and community safety is enhanced through the use of Machine Learning algorithms that detect and flag abusive content.

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