Transformational Technology

Our e-commerce social platform is disrupting the world of monetized content delivery and changing people’s lives by pursing their passions. That’s what drives us to go further.


Video & Digital Asset Management

Holistic platform solution designed to create long-lasting digital experiences and build community via video upload, secure and reliable online storage, video transcoding for optimized and secure VoD experience, content protection (DRM, Digital signature), offline player service and more.

Live Streaming

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to provide a multitude of live streaming capabilities for content creators to choose from and interact with their audiences in real time including traditional one-way web camming, private shows, one-on-one video calls and video meetings.

Social Networking
& Messaging

Our social platform and messaging application is a key part of an effective social strategy to reach, interact and boost customer attention, improve digital ROI and engage with audiences like nowhere else.

Tech @ MavTek Playbook


e-Commerce Platform

Building an online business by means of our robust platform including content purchasing, subscription services and multi-currency.

& Recommendation Engine

Going beyond the demand for identifying relevant content that users are most interested in, to leverage Machine Learning for the creation of an Ethical Ecosystem. All posts and uploads are run through machine Learning algorithms to detect and flag abusive content.



Create a unique and memorable team member experience that fuels their curiosity and enhances their professional development. 

  • Create a comprehensive Learning and Development program tailored to provide career opportunity progression for team members. 

  • Build a best-in-class workforce by improving our retention rate by 10%. 

  • Develop, nurture, and maintain a top-tier hybrid work culture reflected in a targeted 85%  for team member engagement. 

  • Nurture an Inclusive and Diverse work culture by increasing diverse representation by 10%. 

Become the most attractive platform imaginable for new and existing MV Stars and Members to engage and monetize their passions. 

  • By increasing our member base to 5M by the end of the year.

  • Increase amount of unique MV Stars getting paid out by 10%.

  • Increase the average MV Star's earnings by 10%.

Evolve as a platform through an increasingly diverse range of best-in-class solutions for our expanding community.  

  • Develop our 8 MV Communities to grow our business revenue by 20%.

  • Keep improving our MV Live offering by increasing our Tokens sales by 15%.

  • Continue delivering KIWI slice-by-slice to transition 100% of platform activities from Legacy to KIWI by the end-of-year.



Through positive, disruptive change, our commitment drives our strategy for long term success and motivates us to create a brighter future for everyone--our business partners, our organization and ourselves.


We want to create the best environment for our team, with decentralized autonomous squads operating as 'startups', and growth potential for individuals with a hunger for technical challenges.

All this, plus a work-from-anywhere culture where team members adapt their schedule to their lifestyle.