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Join Us from your Happy Place

Work from home, the cottage or a piazza in Florence with a view of the Duomo. Your call. Whatever the destination, we encourage you to work remotely from abroad for up to 3 months and see the world or just your favorite corner of it.


A note on remote ….

We’ve ditched the office and gone remote, growing the team with people from across the Americas and beyond.
We’ll help set your home office setup for inspiration with our Home Office Subsidy.


Create your Future

Don’t see the role you’re perfect for? 

That’s ok, none of us are perfect either. 


Don’t let anything stand in the way of the career you want.

Reach out and send us your CV, because you never know.

If we  see potential for a fit, now or in the future, we’ll be in touch.


Don’t wait for perfection, messy has its merits.  


Send us your CV

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