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Mavtek is building a powerful e-commerce and social platform for Digital content providers to monetize their talent and  engage with their fans.

Our goal is to enable content providers, anywhere in the world to become eEntrepreneurs, and make a living from their talent.

A connected world

We support customer to customer engagement where creators can meet consumers and get to know each other regardless of origin, age, or gender.

Spanning multiple verticals, we serve a variety of industries in entertainment, fitness and nutrition. With free and easy access to the platform,  everybody has a fair chance of monetizing their passion.

An inclusive and positive world
Mavtek puts a strong emphasis in creating an inclusive, ethical and respectful ecosystem.

We want users to be safe on the platform, so we have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of abuse--racism, bullying, hatred, or unconsented content publishing.


These are our main challenges
and we love them

  • High traffic web site

  • High volume of payment transactions

  • High bandwidth generation

  • Digital content management & protection

  • ​User privacy protection 

  • Worldwide multi-currency payment/payout and eWallet solutions 

  • Content search & recommendation 

How we're building it

  •  100% Cloud based platform

  • Event driven architecture

  • Serverless distributed micro services

  • SPA with Micro-Frontend framework 

  • Fully automated CI/CD pipeline

  • High performance Data structures optimized based on access patterns

  • Close partnership with top tier service providers

Video Camera Lens
Video and Digital Asset Management

Video upload, secure and reliable online storage, video transcoding for optimized and secure VoD experience, content protection (DRM, Digital signature), offline player service,...

Woman Squeezing Lemon
Live Streaming

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to provide any type of live streaming.  Traditional one-way web caming, private shows, one-on-one video calls, video meetings, ... 

Social Network and Messaging 

Content providers can engage with their fans through a social platform (a la Twitter/Instagram) and Messaging application. Users can follow and  interact with their favourite content providers, and keep abreast of their new content.

Receiving a parcel
Complete eCommerce platform 

Content purchasing, Subscription services, multi-currency and crypto-currency wallet service for easy and secured transaction--easy access to money from anywhere in the world.

Image by Markus Winkler
Search and Recommendation Engine

Users quickly find the content they’re interested in through a powerful Search and Recommendation Engine.

Image by Michael Dziedzic
Machine Learning for an Ethical Ecosystem 

All posts and uploads are run through ML algorithms to detect and flag abusive content. 

Image by Obi Onyeador
Advertising Engine

Content providers and external partners advertise themselves on the platform as an alternate source of revenue for Mavtek.

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